Weekly Wrap Up – 23 November 2012

Nudgee Beach

Originally, I was doing a Smell The Roses post at the end of the week. I’m graduating that to a Weekly Wrap-up, mostly so I can talk about more. You can find Smell the Roses posts here.

Smell the Roses

This has been an extremely busy week, but there were two particular highlights. First was seeing my Aunt, who I hadn’t seen in over a year. We went to the library together, before going to visit my grandparents. The second highlight was going to see A Chorus Line which was AMAZING!

What I’ve Been Reading

Itsy-Bitsy Babies and Peggy with Squirm. Get Her Off the Pitch and Pro-Blogger for me.

What I’ve Been Doing

After a weekend of storms, my ‘working’ week started with a library visit to Chermside, which was amazing and I’ll review on Monday. I then braved the outside world on my own, leaving Squirm and Mr Pilot alone while I went to A Chorus Line. On Wednesday I went out with my sister and my parents for a great walk around the Nudgee Beach waterways. Then I met up with a group of Baby-wearing mums yesterday. Finally, I finished off by spending some quiet time at a cafe while Squirm finally slept. It was a very busy week!

Favourite Blog Posts of the Week

What have you smiled at, read or done this week?



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