Reading Advocacy

There’s one thing people learn about me pretty quickly – I am a big reading advocate. As far as I’m concerned, a love of reading is the single most important gift we can give our children (and by our children, I mean the children we have, the children we teach and the children in our community.) At times, I will write about why reading is important, how we can encourage and improve it and other issues related to it.

My Background

I was an avid reader through school, becoming well known for reading stupidly thick books while walking. After high school, I did an arts degree and read more books. Then I went back  to university to become a teacher. Once I began teaching, I became well known for having a big (then bigger, then even bigger) collection of books in my classroom, and for encouraging kids to read. I taught Reader’s Workshop in my classroom, with stunning results, and I believe in reading aloud, using graphic novels, allowing time to read and being enthusiastic about reading. I also believe in reading to babies.

The Posts:


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