Not Quite Pinterest Cupcakes

So recently, I’ve become a little obsessed with cupcakes – to the point where my sister wants to take me off her Pinterest because all I do is pin cupcakes. Of course, this obsession came to a natural point and I actually made cupcakes.

I used this recipe for vanilla cupcakes

I did enjoy mixing it all together, especially since I got to use the food processor I haven’t actually used much in the last 4 years. The only problem was our ancient, send the heat wherever it likes, oven.

There was a slight sinking feeling . . .

With some of the cupcakes displaying a definite dint in the top of them, it was time for a ‘make-it-up-as-you-go’ rescue. With jam!

Then onto icing. I decided to be really advanced and try a cream cheese ‘frosting’ using this recipe. Then I set about decorating the cupcakes – with a different, jam flavoured frosting for the ‘sunken’ cupcakes.

What did I learn from the experience?

Well, I learned that this really is a good recipe, as long as I do the old rotate and switch shelves part way through baking. I learned that I need to slow down when I’m baking to make sure everything is done properly. I learned that cream cheese frosting is delicious, but maybe not the best choice for a Brisbane summer. And I learned that just because they may not look like the cupcakes on Pinterest, doesn’t mean they don’t taste delicious 🙂

Do you enjoy baking? Have you ever used a recipe you found online?



    1. Thanks for the recipes 🙂 I would never have had the confidence if they hadn’t been so good. I think we’ll be doing these for Squirm’s baptism gathering – I’ll make sure to post photos

  1. I’m always a little scared of baking – cooking basics I love – give me a good hearty pudding and I’m happy… but well, my baking never turns out like the pictures! I tried macaroons off the internet recently… and they tasted delicious (the bits we could scrape off the baking paper!)… but we’ll be doing a take two (and maybe three or four) before they look okay! Your cupcakes look scrumptious!

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