Grateful for Aunts

Aunts of all kinds. My aunt was visiting earlier in the week, and Squirm and I got to spend some time with her. Then yesterday, we spent time with Squirm’s aunt (my sister)

Aunts are the cool ones, of course, the ones who buy the cool and noisy toys. Squirm has aunts and then lots of ‘aunts’. They spread from Melbourne to Townsville and are universally awesome. Squirm is pretty lucky to have so many cool people in his life.




  1. That’s lovely! And what a beautiful photo. My kids have a few aunts and they are great and spoil them often, but I myself have head over heels in love with the role of aunt since my nephew was born, so I won’t complain about the spoiling 😉

  2. Oh yes, we have lots of ‘Aunts’ around here. I grew up away from extended family, so I made do with lots of ‘Aunts’ who taught me all sorts of things. I was never spoilt though – darn sensible Dutch heritage….

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