Sporadic Linking: Being Creative

Ok, I admit it. I love blogs which have regular link round ups. I love link round ups. I like it when people point out things I might have missed on the internet. So every now and then, I’m going to put together a bunch of links which I’ve found interesting/thoughtful/cool, possibly with a theme. Probably not on a regular day/time . . .

  • One of my lovely Twitter friends has just launched her blog – Mama Finch. She’s planned a regular series interviewing people about combining parenting and creativity. Her first interview, with Penni Russon, is here
  • I’ve spent a significant amount of time poking around Amy Hood Arts the other day. I found her Art Together page – which offers an ezine as well as links to the blog series – a good place to start.
  • A friend linked to this post  – it inspired me enough to get us out of our sick room/house and in to the fresh air for some art
  • We’ll be doing some (within our state) travelling soon – I want to keep art available for Squirm because he enjoys it so much, so I’m looking at travelling art kits. I enjoyed this one, then I got derailed and fell in love with the art kit and the whole blog post over here.
  • My cousin does some urban sketching and I love seeing her work on Facebook – I was happy to find a blog for Australian Urban Sketchers
  • Finally, here’s the blog of one of my all time favourite Australian children’s illustrators – Freya Blackwood. We borrowed The Runaway Hug from the library recently, which is one of those picture books where the story is told twice – once through the words and again through the illustrations. (I think I need to buy some of her prints too)
From The Runaway Hug, written by Nick Bland and illustrated by Freya Blackwood

From The Runaway Hug, written by Nick Bland and illustrated by Freya Blackwood