Australian Women Writers Challenge – 2014 Round Up

It was a strange year for reading and reviewing. I spent a lot of my spare time sewing this year, so I had less reading and writing time. But I was involved in writing round ups for the Australian Women Writers Challenge, so I felt really involved, even when I wasn’t reading or writing.

I read more than I reviewed – and I reviewed more than I managed to get up on the site. (Must fix that up today!) I managed the challenge alright, but I would have liked to review more. I’ve also recently read a bunch of AWW books, which I don’t think I’ll get to review before the new year. Maybe I should reread some of them and review them for the 2015 AWW challenge!

Away from reading and reviewing, I’ve really noticed how contributing in the challenge has had an impact on my family. My husband read a number of AWW books this year (we talked about him reviewing them as part of the challenge, but his work got incredibly busy) and has bought several copies of Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites as presents. We talk more about the books we’re reading at the moment, which is really lovely. My son has discovered lots of new favourite books – he’d particularly like to recommend Sally Morgan and Bronwyn Bancroft’s The Amazing A to Z Thing. And I’ve noticed that my reading is more diverse and in many ways, more interesting. I also asked for 2 AWW non fiction books for Christmas!

In 2015, I’m hoping to put a real effort into reviewing, hopefully with my new blog all set up and working well. I’m sure there’s many wonderful books just waiting for me to read them.

Onto some lists . . .

Books I Read

  1. The Min Min by Mavis Thorpe Clarke
  2. Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park
  3. Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta
  4. The Misogyny Factor by Anne Summers
  5. Moving Among Strangers by Gabrielle Carey
  6. Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude Get A Life by Maureen McCarthy
  7. Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta
  8. The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka by Clare Wright
  9. Peeling the Onion by Wendy Orr
  10. Showtime by Narrelle M Harris
  11. The Treasure Box by Margaret Wild

Brilliant AWW books I read but never got around to reviewing

  1. Mullumbimby by Melissa Lucashenko – this book completely floored me, but I could never work out how to put the words together to write about it. Just read it.
  2. The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer – good solid YA
  3. The Amazing A to Z Thing by Sally Morgan and Bronwyn Bancroft – deserves to be on this list due to how many times it’s been reread in our house
  4. Kaleidoscope ed by Alisa Krasnostein and Julia Rios – filled with soooo many great stories, but I particularly recommend Cookie Cutter Superhero by Tansy Rayner Roberts – I’m waiting for the television series set in her world
  5. Sprawl ed by Alisa Krasnostein – the ‘why did it take me so long to read this?’ book of the year
  6. Asymmetry by Thoraiya Dyer – A seriously good read
  7. Head of the River by Pip Harry – more great YA

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