Letters to Squirm: 18 Months Old

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Dear Squirm,

You’re a year and a half old! That time has gone so fast – I keep look at you and wondering where my baby went to! At the same time, I’m loving the cheeky, adventurous, smiling, creative child you’ve become.

You have real interests now. You adore trains – you point them out in pictures, in books, on videos, in real life. You can clearly say ‘train’ and ‘toot toot’ now, and we hear both of those a lot during the day. Last week you got to ride on a train and (after initially being startled) you loved it. You especially loved it when the driver tooted the horn or we went past another train. Your grand uncles are pretty chuffed with this train obsession – you come from a long line of train lovers.

Your other big interest is dinosaurs. You’ve loved them from the time you heard the Justine Clarke song ‘Everybody Roar . . . ‘ and you have a convincing roar of your own. Our trip on the train was to see the dinosaurs at the museum and it was really exciting for you. Even more exciting was our discovery of good plastic dinosaurs at a local shop this week – you love playing with them already!

You also love books of all kinds. Your daddy has set aside reading time in the morning, and we both read to you before bed, but you insist on having books read to you no matter what time of the day it is. You’re starting to remember parts of your favourite books and sometimes you ‘read’ along with us. We keep a collection of board books and sturdier books where you can read them at any time of the day, and a collection of less sturdy favourite books for bedtime. Your favourite sturdy books are The Avengers Little Golden Book, Alison Jay’s Numbers and Letters, an ABC book, Where is the Green Sheep, Demolition and I’d Like to Be a Train Driver. Your favourite bedtime books are Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are and the Pigeon books.

You continue to grow in independence. You choose your own clothes from the drawer now and can bring us your shoes when it’s time to go out. You help us clean up and you love playing with your toy broom. You eat pretty much everything, but you tend to prefer things with strong flavours. You get your floor mat ready for dinner without needing help.

You’re also very physical. You love climbing, which is wonderful in the playground (though a bit disconcerting to people who don’t know you) but not so wonderful at home (where you attempt to climb the furniture). You run around a lot, love the tricycle Nana and Poppa gave you for Christmas and adore walking up and down hills and stairs. You also love your swimming lessons after a period of not loving them so much. I’m amazed at what you can do – kicking across the pool and back on your own with a pool noodle looped around your back, going under the water towards the wall and grabbing it, running on the mat on the water and jumping it. You still need to learn patience there, though – you always want it to be your turn!

Your talking has really started to take off in the last month. You have a collection of words including truck, car, water, bowl, up and Avengers. You ‘talk’ with us quite a lot and it’s wonderful watching you communicate more and more.

You’re also very good at getting into things you shouldn’t be playing with. We keep pens and pencils a long way away from you, because you cannot resist drawing with them on whatever surface is available. You love pressing the buttons on computers and pulling things out of cupboards. You often get very quiet when you’re into things, so noise is a bit of a blessing at our house.

I could write about you all day. You make me so happy, and I feel so lucky to be your mum and to spend this wonderful time with you. I look forward to all the adventures we have ahead of us!

Love Mum

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I want to include some of your favourite things to look back and remember

Favourite Foods

  • Cheese
  • Grapes
  • Olives
  • Bananas

Favourite Toys

  • Your stuffed sheep
  • Your trains
  • Your dinosaurs
  • Your trucks

Favourite Music

  • Paul Simon
  • Justine Clarke
  • They Might Be Giants

Favourite Things to Do

  • Play at parks with climbing things
  • Swimming lessons
  • Drawing
  • Reading

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