2014: New Year, New Things

I hadn’t intended to post today. Today was for moving slowly, drinking tea, spending time with my boys. But Squirm is napping and Mr Pilot is watching an aviation documentary, and a series of posts leaped out and pinched me.

Maxabella Loves challenged her readers to tinker rather than change for the new year. To pick a word, just one, which sums up what our life could use more of. (I think this is something which bloggers have done previously, though I’ve only come across it now!)

Our word encompasses what Mr Pilot and I have been talking about recently, when we talk about the 2014 to come.


We want to make more this year. We want to make beer and clothes and vegetable patches. We want to make yummy things to eat. We want to make memories. We want to bring things from raw materials to finished product. We want to make our house beautiful. We want to make our life beautiful.

2014 Make


  1. “Make” – it’s perfect. I can’t imagine a year without it and the more you can pack in, the happier you’ll be. It’s finding the time, isn’t it? At least you’re in on it together. Happy new year to you all!! x

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