Advent Calendar Book Reviews: Day 4 – Cathy Cassidy Books

In the lead up to Christmas, I’ll be sharing short reviews of great books and who they’d be perfect for. Find the master list here

Day Four: Books by Cathy Cassidy


Genre – Middle School Fiction Novels

One of my wonderful students introduced me to the author Cathy Cassidy. She was adamant that I would enjoy her books – and she was absolutely right.  Cathy Cassidy writes about interesting kids, from diverse and different backgrounds. They have challenges thrown at them and usually there’s a romance involved in some way or another, and things end up mostly ok by the end. They’re great escaping books – not too heavy, but not too light, and a great insight into the lives of other kids.

These books would be brilliant for children aged from around 9 or 10 (she has written a series for younger kids too). They would probably mostly appeal to girls, although the stories are quite universal for all kids. They aren’t terribly well known in Australian, although they were readily available in some bookshops a few years ago

Highly recommended for girls aged 9 – 15


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