Our New Australian Children’s Laureate: Jackie French

Book Review - Flood

I was absolutely delighted to hear that Jackie French has been named as the new Australian Children’s Laureate. I am a massive fan of her books – picture books, novels and non fiction, and I can’t think of a better person to encourage reading in this country.

I kind of want to quote this whole article from the Sydney Morning Herald, but Jackie French’s ‘manifesto’ really stood out to me:

Every child in Australia needs a book to go to bed with, and a bed to read that book in,” she said. “Every child in Australia can learn to read and for kids like me who are dyslexic, with spelling that you might call ‘original’, and whose work always looks like a wombat has sat on it, never feel that you are dumb, never feel that you have failed. You haven’t failed it’s the adults who have failed to give you access to the heritage of humanity.”

I thought I would share some of my reviews of Jackie French books. Go and check her website out as well – her biography is hilarious and poignant

Plus I made a whole outfit inspired by Diary of a Wombat

Congratulations to Jackie French! I think we’re in for a very exciting time!

Diary of a Wombat: Ideas and Activities: Adventures of a Subversive Reader


  1. I recently read Jackie French’s Hitler’s Daughter and did a review on my blog. I realized is a perfect book for middle school children. I wish I could congratulate her personally on her writing.

    1. I haven’t read Hitler’s Daughter yet, but it’s definitely on my ‘to read’ list. I feel the same about wanting to congratulate her personally – she manages to write in a way which is funny and thoughtful and interesting all at the same time

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