The State of Squirm – November 2013

You’re 15 months old and full of energy, even at 3am in the morning.

You love reading, Waybuloo, sultanas, your push trolley and music.

You have a favourite pair of shorts which you always find in your drawers or in the laundry hamper.

You are starting to be more interested in drawing, and you mostly stay on the paper.

You like to climb everything!

You’re becoming more deliberate in your play, placing things where you want them.

You still get frustrated when things don’t go right the first time, but you’re more persistent now.

You would really like it if I just gave you my iPad (it’s not happening).

You throw some huge tantrums – your emotions are just too big for you to deal with at the moment.

You have 16 teeth – those canines were painful!

You’re becoming more routine oriented – which I like more than I thought I would.

You’re still very uncertain with people who aren’t mum or dad – but you do warm up to people, especially when they just go about things and let you approach them. You’re definitely more comfortable with other children – especially B and E at swimming and R at craft group.

You like digging in dirt and you’ve just had your first experience jumping in muddy puddles.

You have to visit the book shop every time we go past it – you know exactly where the kids books are.

You’re wonderfully fun and loving and difficult and relaxed and intense and we love you very much.

The State of Squirm: Adventures of a Subversive Reader


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