What’s going on?

You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet lately. We’ve been thrown into a bit of chaos lately with a possible move in the future. The problem is, we don’t have any confirmation of whether or not we’ll be moving – something which has done wonders for my anxiety. Meanwhile, we’re trying to get things fixed around our current house – which led to a long, convoluted and anxiety inducing adventure with the gutters – and that’s only the first thing we got done!

So, to catch up, I thought I’d put together a bit-of-everything post – which hopefully will inspire more posts!

Something to Support


You probably know that I’m passionate about good fiction for children and young adults. I’m also passionate about diverse fiction for children and young adults. This is not always easy to find, especially as you head into genres such as science fiction or fantasy. Kaleidoscope is an anthology of diverse, contemporary Young Adult fantasy fiction which will be edited by Julia Rios and Alisa Krasnostein, and published by the independent Australian publisher, Twelfth Planet Press (I’ve reviewed some of the awesome Twelfth Planet books here and here). There is a Pozible campaign running at the moment, with awesome rewards (including Twelfth Planet Press books) and it’s a campaign well worth contributing to.  If you can’t contribute to the Pozible campaign, maybe you could pass the word around on social media – I’d personally love to see this collection in every high school library! (There’s also a blog with great articles and a Facebook page to follow along with the progress)


I know I’m terribly behind on these – partly because we’ve had little or no access to our back yard. I do have two new ones and a bunch of others planned. I’ll have them up as soon as possible.

Awesome Coconut Oil Chocolate

Have you tried these Coconut Oil Chocolates over at Sew, Cook, Laugh Live? I seriously love them – and I haven’t bought a bar of chocolate – or missed them – since I made them. That’s a HUGE thing for me. Today I’m going to try making them with ginger 🙂

Kids Clothes Week

Kids Clothes Week starts next week! I’m not an official participant yet, and I’m not sure what my schedule will be like next week, but if you sew things for kids, head over, sign up and enjoy checking out other people’s wonderful outfits.

And what’s Squirm up to at the moment?

Adventures of a Subversive Reader

Everything! He’s 100% toddler at the moment and constantly busy. He loves investigating things – especially things with wheels. Here is is checking out his friend’s car 🙂



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