Creating New Blogs Is Kind Of Addictive . . .

. . . Well, not really, but I have been making a new blog.

You see, I really wanted to blog a bit more about things that make my geek heart sing. Like television shows which I love and books which make my heart sing. I want to talk politics and educational theory and rant about why reading for pleasure is so important – with occasional statistics. (Which funnily enough, is how I started blogging, back when I had a Diary Land account . . . )

None of this really fits in with what I have here. Here is best for parenting and books for kids and activities for Squirm and Squirm himself. It’s difficult to blog about a Jackie French book one post and the definitely written for adults comic series Saga, the next. (By the way, Saga is wonderful and I highly recommend it!)

So I’ve created a new blog – Subversive Reader Geeks Out. It still links to my Facebook page, if you want regular updates, or you could just drop by every now and then to see what’s geeking me out today 🙂

Some things I might write about . . .

Some things I might write about . . .


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