KCW Summer 2013 (Winter): Day Four and Outfit Five

A quiet day today since I was out of the house all morning. I finished two pieces of clothing which I started last night and started on another one.

Flying Blue Vehicles Shirt and Pants


I wanted to do something to represent the flying car for Chamber of Secrets. I used a car stamp and fabric paint to stamp the material before I started, then made a simple T-shirt with blue ribbing for the neck and the arms. For the pants, I used the free You Call It pants pattern, made from an old t-shirt. I used some old dance material to make pockets, sewing them in circles to look like car lights.

This was a really easy project which worked really well, except that the pants are a little long for Squirm. I’m going to put some elastic in the ankles which will enhance the harem-ness of the pants, and hopefully help them fit better on his legs.

Flying Blue Vehicles Outfit 1 Flying Blue Vehicles Outfit1

There’s not really too much more to say about this outfit except that it seems to be very comfortable!

Flying Blue Vehicles Outfit2 Flying Blue Vehicles Outfit5

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