KCW Summer 2013 (Winter): Day Three and Outfit Four

After whipping up more than half my planned outfits in the first two days, I decided to run off track today and create something completely unplanned. I had some nice fabric around, which worked beautifully, and before I knew it, I had a lovely outfit made which really consolidated some of my sewing skills. (I also started and nearly finished another outfit which was planned, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to share that one)

Since I didn’t take any photos of the sewing process today, I’ll just share the actual outfit.


Off We Go T-Shirt and Shorts

Off We Go Shirt and Outfit5

I chose the material for the shorts and shirt together, hoping to have a cohesive outfit. The shirt material was from a women’s shirt from the op shop, while the shorts material was quilting cotton from East Coast Fabrics. (I used some old poplin I had to line it). I used the KID Shorts from MADE (and the lining pants tutorial) and my self-drafted pattern for the shirt.

I started with the shorts, which was an excellent idea, since I used the shirt material to line the pockets and realised that it was really, really stretchy. To make the shorts, I made up a pair in the outer material and a pair in the lining material until I got to the waist band stage, then attached them together before doing the waistband and the hems.

Off We Go Shorts1
Off We Go Shorts2

A peek in the pocket

Off We Go Shorts3

The shirt was just a basic t-shirt, but I added a pocket with a slight pleat on it, and a couple of  straps and buttons just for interest. I sewed one of them into the shoulder seam, which made it really easy to attach, but I wasn’t sure what to do with the other one until the shirt was together and then I attached it to the arm. Then we were ready to go . . .

Off We Go Shirt and Outfit1 Off We Go Shirt and Outfit2 Off We Go Shirt and Outfit5 Off We Go Shirt and Outfit4 Off We Go Shirt and Outfit3

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