KCW: Summer 2013 (Winter): Outfit Two: Seeker

For this Kids Clothes Week I am aiming to create outfits which are inspired by picture books and movies. As I finish the outfits, I’ll share my inspiration and the process

Seeker – T-Shirt and Pants


I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, so I was eager to make some clothes inspired by Harry Potter. For Kids Clothes Week, I wanted to use the movies as inspiration rather than the books. When it came to the first movie – Philosopher’s Stone – Quidditch seemed the perfect way to go.

I was conscious that I wanted the outfit to look like clothes, not a costume. I also wanted the different pieces to be wearable with other clothes.

Seeker planning1

My original sketch

The material for the shirt was basic knit material from Spotlight, while the material for the pants came from skirt from a local op shop. I used my self drafted shirt pattern, but redrew it to allow for the two different materials. For the pants, I modified the KID Pants pattern adjusting it so it would fit Squirm better.

I’d started sewing the shirt together yesterday, piecing the front pieces together and joining them to the back (which was already painted) at the shoulders. I also had one sleeve in yesterday, so today I just needed to finish the other sleeve, then sew up the sides. Finally I needed to hem the sleeves and bottom of the shirt.

To add interest, I was adding top stitching at the front and sides as well as on the hems. I really need to work out some way of sewing in a straight line though – it would look so much better if I could do that.

Seeker Shirt1 Seeker Shirt2

The pants were really similar to the KID Shorts I made yesterday. The material was cut in all sorts of directions and turned out to be much stretchier than I thought it would be. Nonetheless, they came together really well, and I sewed on a fake fly and some fake pockets which added to the fairly simple pants.

Seeker Pants1 Seeker Pants2

Then it was just a matter of waiting for the model to wake from his nap and time to head out into the sun for some photos

Seeker Outfit2 Seeker Outfit4 Seeker Outfit5
Seeker Outfit7

Not quite the right kind of broom 🙂

Seeker Outfit8

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