KCW: Summer 2013 (Winter) : Day Two

Back into it today for Kids Clothes Week. This time I got a bit more sleep (thank goodness!) but also a later start because Squirm had his swimming lesson first up in the morning. Once we were back and we’d hung the washing on the line, it was time to get into the day’s sewing.

Day 2 Work3

Some early morning, before swimming pinning

I’d started working on the Seeker t-shirt yesterday and it came together really quickly today. I still can’t sew straight lines, but other than that it looks really good. The pants that went with it came together really, really quickly – once I’d worked out which was front and which was back, anyway

Seeker Outfit2

My model was having his nap when I finished this outfit, so I put it aside and went on with the next on my list – a jumper (a sweater for those thinking of dresses) and shorts inspired by Diary of a Wombat. The sewing went even faster this time, even though this was a slightly more complex outfit – more details and even lining for the shorts.

I finished the whole outfit in time to get some great photos (and get the washing off the line) and realised that I’d made two whole outfits and four individual pieces today – I’m now more than half way through my planned list. Now to decide if I’ll continue the list tomorrow or if I’ll do something completely different!

Wombat Diary Outfit08

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