KCW: Summer 2013 (Winter) – Prepping Part Three


So, Kids Clothes Week starts today! I’m really excited to get started – having held off on sewing for the last couple of days. Instead I’ve . . .

  • Finished getting all my pieces together
  • Organised my sewing thread and gear
  • Thought about little touches to really make the clothes look great
  • Found Threads magazine for my iPad and read a few issues
  • Charged the camera
  • Got the weekly shopping done so I don’t need to get it done today
  • Blown up the iron . . .

The last one is a real bugger. I went to set my fabric paint and starch a few of my knit materials, only to have sparks and smoke come out of the cord. Luckily Mr Pilot has clothing ironed which he can wear for work, and I’m off to the shops after all.

The other problem we have is a predicted week of rain. That’s great for the sewing, but sucks for the photo taking. Photos are difficult enough when you have a very active crawler (clothing never looks quite right when he’s crawling) – bad light just makes it harder. I’ve been able to buy some children’s coat hangers, though, so hopefully I’ll be able to show off the clothes hanging as well as on the Squirmy one 🙂

Prepping 3 1 Prepping 3 2 Prepping 3 3

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