KCW: Summer 2013 (Winter) – Prepping Part 1

Alas, it seems I may have gone completely overboard in preparing for Kids Clothing Week. I have 6 outfits planned which involve 13 pieces of clothing. Preparing goes beyond simple cutting out and includes painting and stamping. And yet, I’m having the best time. I figure that this is a great chance to really make some lovely things for Squirm, and a good focused time to do more than random pieces.

Bring on Monday (once I finish the cutting out and painting, that is!)

KCW Summer Prep 1 1 KCW Summer Prep 1 2 KCW Summer Prep 1 3 KCW Summer Prep 1 4 KCW Summer Prep 1 5 KCW Summer Prep 1 6 KCW Summer Prep 1 7

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