The Great Library Tour: Zillmere Library

Zillmere Library: Adventures of a Subversive Reader

We had a few things to see to last Friday, so it seemed like the perfect chance to fit in a quick trip to Zillmere Library. Like so many other libraries, this one is only a short trip away. From the outside it seems pretty ordinary, a little 70s and a little bit dreary. But then you walk in the doors . . .

What stood out the most here was the fabulous use of light. The library felt bigger than it was, with a really good use of white to open it up. It was also uncluttered, something which isn’t always easy when you’ve got a limited amount of space and a lot to fit into it.

The kids section was to the left as you walked in and two things immediately stood out – the huge pile of floor cushions in the middle of the floor and the gorgeous play verandah to one side. Like Bulimba with their ferry terminal and Carina with their castle, the verandah (which was accompanied by a mural which set the verandah in a bush setting) added a lovely touch of whimsy and imagination to the area, as well as a cosy place to curl up with a book (or in Squirm’s case, practice climbing up and down the steps.)

Two other things really impressed me in the children’s section – the cosy grown up chairs that were set in different places through the area, and the gorgeous tiles which were created at the local multicultural festival a few years ago – this library is in a very multicultural area, and the tiles made it clear that the library was a space for everyone.

There weren’t a huge selection of books (not compared to some of the other libraries) but the books looked both well chosen and well looked after. The kids area is directly next to the young adult area, which also uses space beautifully, but my favourite part of that space was the big table which would be perfect for the homework help time or for holding classes.

This felt like a really friendly library – the staff were wonderful and welcoming, the chairs and cushions made it clear that this was a place to enjoy, and it felt like it was a wonderful place to read, to learn and to share. I was really happy to find this library and I look forward to visiting it again.

Zillmere Library: Adventures of a Subversive Reader Zillmere Library: Adventures of a Subversive Reader Zillmere Library: Adventures of a Subversive Reader

Important Information about Zillmere Library

Corner of Jennings Street and Zillmere Road, Zillmere


Open Tuesday to Saturday

I don’t believe there is a car park for the library, but Jennings Street had plenty of room for parking.


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