A More Uncluttered Life: Project 333 – The Clothes

A More Uncluttered Life: Project 333

Yesterday I talked about Project 333 in which I’ll be wearing just 33 pieces of clothing for all of the Australian winter. Although I had some clothes to show you, I hadn’t put my list together to share, mostly since most the clothes were in the wash!  Today, the majority of the clothes are hanging in my cupboard and I’m pleased to share them with you.

Refresher: How am I approaching Project 333?

For the project I am only counting clothes – not shoes, jewellery (which I rarely wear anyway) or scarves. I’m also not counting underwear, sleep wear, my swimmers which I wear to Squirm’s swimming lessons or ‘lounging around the house’ pieces. I am counting my ‘house jeans’ though, which are too big to wear out of the house, but so comfortable that I wear them a lot at home.

The biggest thing for me to think about is that I need to have a baby friendly wardrobe – easy to clean, easy to move in, enough pieces to change if I get really dirty and breastfeeding friendly. In the end, there actually seems like quite a lot of clothing here. I’m keeping a tally of what I wear over the month and it will be very interesting to see which are the most worn things!

I didn’t have to worry too much about matching. All my ‘bottoms’ are neutrals, so the tops pretty much go with them in any combination. I tend to keep to blues, greens and pinks – though there’s a bit of orange, red and purple in here too 🙂

What have I included?

Project 333 Clothes : Adventures of a Subversive Reader

1-5: Cardigans (not pictured: the grey cardigan I’m wearing)

Winter in Queensland doesn’t get all that cold. Most of the time I’m warm enough with just a light cardigan over my clothes. I love these colours, which also make up most of my wardrobe. The photo doesn’t do them justice, but there’s blue, green, light pink and dark pink. Five cardigans is probably an overkill, but I do wear them almost everyday all day in winter. The different colours also make up for last year when I was pregnant and only had a daggy grey and a black cardigan which fit!

Project 333 Clothes : Adventures of a Subversive Reader

6 – 10: Woollen shirts, vests, boleros

I love winter because it’s actually cold enough to wear some of these. There’s a blue and a purple bolero, a grey vest top, a green shirt and a pink and white striped short sleeve cardigan which is great on its own

Project 333 Clothes : Adventures of a Subversive Reader

11 – 17: Long Sleeved Shirts (not shown, a red and white striped one I’m wearing)

The more I look at these pictures, the more I feel like I’ve gone overboard with tops. But then they’re the most likely to get dirty, the most likely to need washing and – to be honest – where most of the colour and personality is! I can also layer a lot of these for ‘new looks’. It’s hard to see, but there are actually 4 striped shirts in the picture, plus the one I’m wearing. I really like stripes . . .

Project 333 Clothes : Adventures of a Subversive Reader

18 – 26: T-Shirts (not pictured: a black t-shirt which is on the line. It’s the black version of the plain white one in this picture)

I really like funky and nice coloured t-shirts. I have three Threadless shirts in here which I just bought recently, plus one I bought in Melbourne a few years ago. Also a couple of nice neutral shirts. These all have elasticised, buttoned or low and stretchy necklines for feeding

Project 333 Clothes : Adventures of a Subversive Reader

27: Dress

This was actually my one maternity dress, but it’s well cut for non maternity use and perfect for feeding. I really like this dress, but I’m not sure how much I’ll wear it. It’s more of a ‘back up dress’ I think.

Project 333 Clothes : Adventures of a Subversive Reader

28: Jacket

Another piece which I might not get much use out of, but which I’ll need if we get one of our cold snaps or if the winter winds get really harsh. It’s a bit tatty on the inside, but a really nice looking jacket on the outside

Project 333 Clothes : Adventures of a Subversive Reader

29: Red Tunic Top

My ‘good’ shirt. This is so comfortable and looks great with jeans. Since I wear nursing singlets, I won’t need separate tops to go under it

Project 333 Clothes : Adventures of a Subversive Reader

30: White Patterned Skirt

Another piece which I might not need, but which gets me through anything. This is a gorgeous skirt from Colorado. It is strong, sits beautifully and looks marvellous for how old it is! This one has survived years of teaching, so I know it’s good for many occasions.

Project 333 Clothes : Adventures of a Subversive Reader

31 – 33: Jeans (not pictured: black skinny jeans on the line, blue relaxed jeans which I’m wearing)

My mainstay! I love jeans and the way they can be dressed up and down so easily. I recently bought two pairs of nice, well fitting jeans and even got the length on one pair properly tailored. The home jeans don’t fit at all well, but nothing beats them for comfort right now (which is good when you’re rolling around with a baby)

What would be on your ‘must wear’ list if you only had a limited number of clothes?

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