The Great Library Tour: Arana Hills Library

The Great Library Tour: Arana Hills Library

We’re back! Trips to libraries were getting a bit difficult with Squirm’s ‘interesting’ nap schedule and his aversion to the car. But with those things dealt with, we were finally ready to head out again to another library.

I’ve always thought of the Arana Hills Library as a bit tricky to get to. Although part of the Moreton Bay Region, it’s really to the west of Brisbane (and just points out how sprawling the Moreton Bay Region is!) But we were dropping some books off to my cousin who has just moved into the area, so it made all kind of sense to drop by Arana Hills (which wasn’t as out of the way as I thought it was!)

This library feels almost hidden away, tucked into the hillside next to a park. It’s a bit of a sprawling library, extending from the non fiction area, through the checkout and computers, with the children’s section to one side. Then down to fiction, young adult and local history.

The children’s section is cosy and welcoming, with a lot of open space, outward facing shelves for display books and low shelves for the rest of the picture books. The board books are in more low shelves, but to the side, inviting browsers to sit and have a read. A real winner was the activity block – with a wire bead puzzle on top and all sorts of activities on the sides – Squirm adored the gears on one side and spent a good amount of time getting them moving. There’s also a lovely couch in the corner – perfect for curling up with a good book. The children’s non-fiction and novels are just around a corner, but have their own space which is nice for older children.

Although I usually focus on the children’s sections in these posts, I have to highlight the young adult section at Arana Hills. The young adult section is a room which steps out from the main library. There’s a tonne of natural light and lots of bright colours and the books are displayed beautifully. As a teenager I would have adored it – it would have been difficult to get me out! There’s also a little enclosed outside area attached.

There’s been a lot of recent work on the outdoor patio recently. Although it’s not completely finished – they need a non slip surface put down and then furniture added – it’s really lovely how it opens out to the park, and it’s going to be gorgeous when it’s finished. The park is just a quick run down the hill – and there’s no bark chip!!!!

The staff were wonderfully friendly and showed a lot of pride in their library. They were really excited to talk about the young adults section and the patio and what they’re looking forward to. As always, I’m reminded no matter how beautiful a library is, it is nothing without a wonderful, dedicated staff!

So, it turns out Arana Hills isn’t as far away or as out of the way as I thought it was – so I’m definitely going to have to make a return trip!

The Great Library Tour: Arana Hills Library The Great Library Tour: Arana Hills Library

The best parts of Arana Hills Library

  • The cosy, welcoming children’s area
  • The amazing young adult section
  • The friendly staff
  • The buzz in the library – this is a library that people are happy to use!
The Young Adult section at Arana Hills Library

The Young Adult section at Arana Hills Library

The Young Adults section at Arana Hills Library

The Young Adults section at Arana Hills Library

Important Information about Arana Hills Library

63 Cobbity Crescent, Narellan Park,


Open Monday to Saturday

Parking is available off the street around the library. There’s parent parking right out the front

Looking down to the park

Looking down to the park


One comment

  1. Looks like a fantastic bright library to keep returning to, the staff are an important part of the atmosphere of a library too. All these libraries on the tour are making our local one look bad, especially in catering for young people.

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