I Have Too Many Books . . .

Not my actual book pile, but very similar . . .

Not my actual book pile, but very similar . . .

This is a tough post to write. As an avowed book lover, I like to think that there’s no such thing as too many books. But the sad truth is, that we have limited space and too many books.

Sure, I could get rid of other things. But apparently, it’s kind of important to keep baby related things, and Mr Pilot won’t let me keep books in the shower. (I just did a Google image search for books in the shower and was sadly disappointed by the internet. Sure book shaped tiles and book shower curtains are nice, but where are the innovative storage ideas?)

So, it’s time to start getting rid of book. Or more accurately, packing them up and giving them away to other people.

Some books are easy to get rid of. You’ve picked them up for cheap, never got into them (or never opened them) and don’t really care where they end up. Others are harder because you paid good money for them and you really wanted to like them, but you’ve never gotten past the first page.

Then there’s the books you bought and liked, but haven’t read in years and years. You need to find a good home for those ones; you need to know they’ll be in good hands.

Then there’s some books that will never leave my hands, no matter how good the home or how long its been since I’ve read them. Those are the books that have stories other than the stories held in the pages. Those are the special books.

So how am I going so far? Well my plan was to find 50 books to give away today. It’s 9.21 am and I’ve found 52 . . . I’m doing better than I thought I would 🙂


Do you have too many books? How do you deal with that?



  1. I feel the same way. It either I had lots of book I was going to read and loss interest in or some of those “why did I purchase this?” books! My book collection was very cluttered. Using those two categories mentioned I slowly (just recently) got rid of a lot of books (either selling them or donating them to my local library). But then I had open space on my book shelf so I did some more book shopping, lol. I guess it did me some good?

  2. Awesome. I find the book issue the hardest one when it comes to decluttering. I think I could give everything else away except them sometimes. Got to work out how to decide what stays and what goes.

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