Subversive Reader Reviews: The Blade Brief (AWW2013)

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AWW2013 – Book 40

The Blade Brief

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: The Blade Brief

Kate Hunter
Childrens Contemporary Novel

Library Book


This is the second of the Mosquito Advertising books. I read the first book, The Parfizz Pitch, years ago and loved it (I heavily promosted it inside my classroom too.) But somehow I missed the second one when it came out, and then when the third one came out, I couldn’t find the second one anywhere. So I was extremely excited when Albany Creek Library had both the second and the third book on their shelves!

Katie is anxious to get Mosquito Advertising launching into the big time. Only, she’s letting her school work slip. And she’s not being particularly nice to her friends. Nor is she being very fair to the clients she has, especially as she takes on one of the biggest accounts in Australia.

Like the first book, there’s a real Famous Five feel to The Blade Brief. These are children who get out and get things done. They solve big problems, they work through ideas together. The fight, they contemplate giving up, but they pull through in the end. The part that particularly strengthens this for me is the fact that it’s set in Brisbane – a fabulous setting for a children’s book, but one you see very rarely. I was especially chuffed when there was a reference to the park at Wool Street, since my grandparents in law lived on Wool Street until the last couple of years.

I’d thoroughly recommend these books to the 9-14 crowd. They’re smart and funny and very well written, and sure to be engaging to that age group.


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