Subversive Reader Reviews: Rose on Wheels (AWW2013)

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AWW2013 – Book 38

Rose on Wheels

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Rose on Wheels

Sherryl Clark
Childrens Historical Novel

Library Book


Rose was my favourite of the Our Australian Girls (though Lina and Alice are also favourites) but I had the worst time tracking this book down. When I finally got my hands on it, I was very happy indeed.

Rose is still trying to understand why the world is so different for boys and girls and taking measures to make sure she doesn’t get boxed into the same box as her older sister, and ultimately, her mother. When a new governess is booked for her, she takes matters into her own hand – getting herself onto the ‘wheels’ mentioned in the title.

Despite Rose’s obvious wealth, it’s very easy to like her. She’s got shades of Anne Shirley in her, as well as a touch of the naughty children of Seven Little Australians. She’s not content to sit back and let the world pass her by; she’s aware that there are opportunities out there and she’s determined to grab them.

There’s probably room for discussion (and I guess it’s probably been discussed) about the role of upper-class women fighting for the vote, when so many other women were fighting for survival. Did the vote help the lives of those women? Was it seen as a distraction? If anyone can think of a good book to point me to on that topic, I’d love to read more on it.

Meanwhile, I have Rose’s other books sitting and waiting for me to read them, allowing me to get further immersed in this very interesting life!


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