Eight Months Old: A Letter to Squirm

Letters to Squirm: 8 months

Dear Squirm,

You’re so big now, and in a way it seems unfair. It feels like we’ve lost our little baby at times, and in his place is this magnificent little boy. We love all your new discoveries and adventures, but we so wish we’d had longer, more magical moments with the little baby – that we could just pause time for a little while.

It’s been a bit of a month of regular things. We’ve started swimming lessons, which you scream your way through, but I think you’re getting more used to them each time we go. It’s a wonderful little class and I love seeing the older boys and what they’re learning – and to think that you’ll be doing that soon!

You’re up and down with your eating. Some times you can’t wait to eat everything. Other times we have to help you with your food, or you’ll just refuse to eat out right. You’re still drinking plenty of milk, though. You don’t always make breast feeding easy, though, with your wriggling in my arms!

You crawl faster than we can move, sometimes, and you love playing chasy with us. You’ve also perfected walking around the furniture, and you zoom around the coffee table to the door when your Daddy gets home. You can also move from the coffee table to the couch. You try to stand up using our legs too, which is sometimes successful, but not so much if our pants have elastic waists! Your other favourite movement is chasing balls or objects that roll – especially if you get them out onto the lino.

While you’re still having some problems with napping (15 minutes is not a nap!) you’ve started to nap in your cot again, which is easier for you (less noise around) and easier for me (I can move again!). You’ve started falling asleep earlier in the evening, which is nice, but you tend to do your longest sleep while we’re still up, which means more waking when we’re asleep!

You’re up to 6 little teeth now and we’re still waiting and waiting for some more. We know they’re lurking there, just waiting to come through.

You’ve loving toys that make noise at the moment – all the bells and rattles and things that you can thump. We also found some puzzles for you, which you enjoy pulling apart, even if you can’t put them together. You also like to play with the DVD player, which has not been so much fun for us.

You’re babbling more and more and starting to make mama and dada more distinctly. You can also be incredibly loud when you’re talking!

You’re such a big boy who we love very much!



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  1. he is gorgeous! brings back lots of memories reading about an 8 month old. My son is almost 5 years old and I often struggle to remember what he was like as a baby 😦 it’s lovely to have letters to remind you what they were in to, up to, doing, etc. beautiful. -Aroha (#teamIBOT)

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