Movie Review: Goddess

Goddess: Adventures of a Subversive Reader

Squirm and I are regular visitors to our local cinema’s Bring Your Baby sessions. Although it’s not perfect (we’re usually the only people with babies, so there’s pressure to ‘be quiet’, I have to remind them to keep the lights on and the sound down, the movie choices can be . . . questionable) it’s a nice way to get out of the house, and at least I’m seeing some movies instead of wistfully listening to all the movies I’d like to see!

Yesterday’s movie was Goddess, and I thoroughly recommend it!

Think Australian musical with charming UK leads. Think story of a mother who’s feeling isolated in a small town with her children while her husband works away. Think about a mother who happens to be quite a good musician and decides to share her talent for making funny little songs with the world. Then what happens when the world comes to her and promises to make it big time.

The actors were all really adorable and the story is, on the whole, excellent (though I’m a little over ‘lusting over/being tempted by other people story lines’. There doesn’t need to be a third party to be relationship problems. And don’t get me started on non consensual kissing . . .) The songs are incredibly catchy and lovely. And there’s some really interesting questions for those involved in online pursuits – such as blogging. Is there really only one opportunity? Do we have to sell out to meet the opportunity? What happens when our online world and the offline world collide?

I’d really recommend getting out to see it. Event/Greater Union cinemas will show it on Wednesday as Bring Your Baby (though probably not Friday, being Good Friday and all) and hopefully it’ll be around for a while longer. And here I’m going to leave you with a treat . . .


(This is not a sponsored post. We paid for our ticket and do each week. It really is an awesome movie, though)



  1. I always wanted to try one of those sessions, but it just never happened and now my baby is 2 and a half and climbs all over the place. I think it’s such a great idea, they should promote it more.

    Looks like a great movie, id like to see it.


    1. It was a terribly happy movie in the end, though very cheesy at times (and a little long towards the end). Worth seeing though – most of the audience were mothers, I think, so there was lots of knowing laughter in our cinema

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