The Great Library Tour: Cleveland Library

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Cleveland Library

The Great Library Tour

While this post might attract those looking for libraries in Cleveland, Ohio, I actually packed myself and Squirm in the car and made our way out to the bayside town of Cleveland, South East of Brisbane (more east than south, really). This is a remarkably beautiful part of the world, even when you get a day which is gloomy at times. It turned out to be a fabulous day all together!

The Cleveland Library is situated on what you might call the ‘main street’ of Cleveland. It’s across the road from the council buildings (and a very impressive art gallery – I adored the Stradbroke Island exhibition) and on the same street as a number of shops and the shopping centre (which is actually split across the street). The library is large and airy, with big windows a feature in the children’s section. The children’s section had an underwater castle theme – there was even an arch to walk through! Then there were stickers (I think) which were designed like portholes (or castle windows) looking out on sea life. I’m pretty sure that the sea life shown was all the kind of life you would see locally – it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine that there was a castle, waiting for you, in the middle of Moreton Bay.

One thing which was quite different about Cleveland library was the way the picture books were arranged. Instead of facing outwards, they were arranged sideways on the shelf. Although I usually prefer facing outwards, I’m finding it increasingly hard to sort through books which have been filled to full in the low shelves. At Cleveland, although the covers faced to the side, it was very easy to sort through and find some real gems. Squirm and I had a great time exploring their collection!

We also enjoyed the furniture in the children’s section. One thing I immediately noticed was that the furniture – low tables and a long low row of soft seats – were incredibly movable – so you could easy change the section around to suit a different purpose. That sort of thing appeals to the teacher in me! Squirm also loved their big bead and wire table – it was just the right height for him to practice his standing.

The staff were extremely helpful and friendly – one of the library assistants even helped me get Squirm wrapped securely on my back! I think this would be a lovely library to spend time at, and I wanted to spend more time there myself!

We did have to move on, though. I had thought I was all planned, asking for recommendations from the brilliant Redland City Living. Alas, in the rush to get out of the house, I had left her recommendations at home! So we walked around the main streets for a while, enjoying the real ‘town’ feel of Cleveland. (We also managed to find Darrell Lea chocolate in the newsagency near Woolworths!) before I remembered my in-laws talking about the area near the historic Cleveland lighthouse. That turned out to be brilliant, with Squirm and I enjoying a fabulous meal overlooking the water and out to North Stradbroke Island.

All in all, it was a truly fabulous trip. I can’t recommend Cleveland enough – the people were friendly, the food was good and the library was brilliant!

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Cleveland Library Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Cleveland Library Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Cleveland Library
Where Squirm and I enjoyed our lunch!

Where Squirm and I enjoyed our lunch!

The best parts of Cleveland Library

  • Excellent book collection
  • The moveable furniture
  • The friendly staff
  • The theme allowing for imaginings of underground castles!

Important Information about Cleveland Library

Cnr. Bloomfield & Middle Streets, Cleveland


Open Monday to Saturday

On street parking is available, but it’s reverse angle parking! There’s also parking around the back and a couple of nearby lots. I parked a few blocks down (where parking was normal again) and enjoyed the walk up





  1. Nawww thanks for the mention and glad you had a wonderful time in my little neck of the woods. The Cleveland Library has recently had a revamp, it’s looking good hey?! And as for the staff – yes – they are fantastic – did I mention I used to work there? 😉 So maybe I am a tad biased!

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