A quick Blog Update

It’s been a little quiet around here over the last week – typical of those times when I’ve piled my plate full!

We went away on holiday for a week, which was wonderful, but definitely launched me into holiday mode – which is not always conducive for blogging. Then Squirm suddenly got a whole lot more mobile, which means I spend a lot of my time launching across the room looking for objects which he’s about to try to eat!

I ran into a road block with the Australian Women Writer’s challenge when it came to reviewing Mazin Grace by Dylan Coleman. This is a stunning, amazing book, but a very difficult one, and I’m finding it very hard to review effectively. I’ll think on it more during the week, and attempt to catch up!

Then there’s the crochet. The week away really sparked my creative bones, and I love to share that on the blog. The only problem is that the crocheting (and the pattern writing) is taking up time that I might use to write! But I’ll soon have some pretty patterns to share – and look out for some Downton Abbey inspired creations soon!

Finally, the Coursera course I’ve been taking is really ramping up (and I’m loving it so much) and there’s a renewed love of Angry Birds, plus all that AWW reading . . .well if I could just get a couple more hours in my day, I’d be fine!

What keeps you from blogging at the moment?

A crochet project sneak peek!

A crochet project sneak peek!



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