Seven Months Old: A Letter to Squirm

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Seven Month Squirm

Dear Squirm,

This is a slightly belated letter, since we spent your seven month ‘birthday’ on holidays. We took you to the beach for a week, just like your Grandma and Grandpa used to take your Daddy and Uncle to the beach. You did lots of walking with us, and when the weather finally cleared you sat on the sand, and finally enjoyed it! The last day we took you to the water, you enjoyed crawling into it – Daddy had to rescue you from the waves a couple of times!

You’re eating so well at the moment. Less of the food is ending up on the floor (though Daddy and I must look like Jack in the Boxes sometimes, with all the bending down to pick food up). You’re starting to get the hang of meat when we give you little strips, you love vegetables and fruit and cheese, and we’re noticing less and less food left over at the end of the meals. It’s so amazing to watch you feed yourself, and how you assess the food and work out how best to approach it.

This time last month, you weren’t really crawling. Now, you’ve perfected it, scooting around any and all surfaces. You can crawl really, really quietly when you want to, and you love crawling down to the bathroom when Daddy has his showers in the morning. You’ve also worked out how to pull yourself up onto your feet using furniture (or walls or doors) and you’re beginning to use the furniture to walk a bit. You’re still working on getting down from standing, though – there was a big celebration when you worked out how to fall on your bottom rather than your head. There’s also times when you need to be reminded to hold on!

You went a little backwards with your naps over the last month, needing to be near me to sleep again. It makes some things a lot harder, but it really is lovely to share those moments with you. Most nights you end up in bed with us, but we think that’s because you’re having some separation anxiety and really want us nearby. You always sleep better when you’re not going through big developmental stages.

You’ve also sprouted three new teeth during the last month – all at the same time. That’s left you extremely uncomfortable and a bit cranky at times, but its made eating easier for you and made your little grin even cheekier.

Your favourite toys at the moment are things that you can knock down or things that you can take out and put back. I bought you some stacking cups which you love. I’ll put them into a couple of stacks and you’ll carefully take a top cup off . . . then use it to knock all the other cups down. I’ve also given you a ‘drawer’ of things to play with – mostly household things – in the trolley in the kitchen. When I’m cooking or washing up, you’ll come over and pull things out to play with.

You’re also ‘talking’ a lot at the moment. Mamamama and Dadadadada are very popular phrases with you, though you’re still working to connect them to the right people. You’ve worked out a whole lot of other sounds, including an incredibly cute clicking sound that you love to make at us.

We can’t believe how much you’ve grown in the last month! You continuously amaze us and we love you so very, very much.



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    1. I’m planning to write them into a journal for him. I’ve already got letters in it that I wrote him when I was waiting (and waiting) for his birth and from the early days in hospital 🙂

  1. What a great idea! These will make a great memory book. 3 teeth at 7 months… wow! My eldest girls were over 12 months before they had any teeth (unusually late).

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