Guest Post: Storytime Fun by Ann from Help! I’m Stuck!

A couple of weeks ago, I put out a call for guest posts to fill the gaps while I gallivanted away on holidays. Ann from Help! I’m Stuck! put her hand up and wrote this fabulous post about Storytime at her local library – if you’ve ever wondered what happens at Storytime, here’s one example!


For the last few months every second Wednesday has seen myself,  the big one (nearly 4) and the baby (just turned 2) head to our local library for story time.  It is 45 minutes of fun!!  30 minutes of stories and songs and then a fun craft to do with the theme of the day.  This year it is just myself and the baby as the big one is at preschool on a Wednesday

Today’s theme was food and the wonderfully friendly and patient librarian read some really funny books including

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Guest Post: Help! I'm StuckAdventures of a Subversive Reader: Guest Post: Help! I'm StuckAdventures of a Subversive Reader: Guest Post: Help! I'm Stuck

We sang some songs including 5 fat sausages and jelly on a plate!!

Then we did some craft


Not bad for a 2 year old!!

I love story time  Not only is it a local, close by activity but it is free and the kids can go crazy with craft with no clean up afterwards!!  Our library runs it once a fortnight and it is aimed at the 3-5 age group however they have no problem with younger ones being there.  Bigger libraries in our area run different programs for the younger age groups however for me that involves travel and a short walk once a fortnight is perfect for us!!  I love the fact we can read different books without the risky business of borrowing them.

I totally recommend giving this a go if your local library runs something similar.  I would check your local council or library website.  Plus did you know that libraries now have computers to use, DVDs, magazines and CDs to borrow?  Also for those with older kids who do not need supervision it is a great opportunity to browse and peruse, something I am excited about!!

My name is Ann and I have a little blog Help!! I’m Stuck!!.  I am the mumma to 2 boys and a jelly bean who is due at the end of July.  I love reading although these days the only books I read are children’s ones!!
Thanks to Adventures of a Subversive Reader for having me over!!


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