Subversive Reader Reviews: Sophie Scott Goes South (AWW2013)

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AWW2013 – Book 29

Sophie Scott Goes South

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Sophie Scott Goes South

Alison Lester
Children’s Picture Book (5-12)

Library Book, Moreton Bay Regional Libraries


Sophie Scott is heading out on the trip of a lifetime. Her father is the captain of the Antarctica boud ship, Aurora Australis and she’s been allowed to accompany him on a journey from Hobart to Antarctica. She goes through storms on the way down, storms while she’s there, traveling around Antarctica and, of course, spotting penguins! Along the way we learn more about the Aurora Australis, more about the crew who work on her and more about the people who work in Antarctica.

This is a gorgeous book which I’ve wanted to read for quite a long time. Alison Lester was an Antarctic Arts Fellow and herself traveled to Antarctica on the Aurora Australis. While she was there, she communicated with students from different schools, who then created artworks – some of which are featured in the book. While Sophie is a fictional character, the experiences are very real, and it’s a fascinating insight into the Antarctic world.

I would have adored this book when I was in primary school, and I believe that is the ideal audience for it. There’s a high level of detail in the words and in the illustrations which would definitely appeal to the fact hungry child I was. It would be an ideal book to accompany an Antarctic unit (if any schools are still able to do that under the national curriculum) and shines some light on a magical part of the world.



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