Crochet Post: Rainbow Nesting Bowls

More and more Squirm is exploring different ways to use his hands. Most of his explorations are around meal times, but I wanted to create a small toy which would allow him to use his hands when he wasn’t eating. The answer? Nesting bowls.

What are nesting bowls? Well, they’re bowls which fit into one another. Sometimes they’re plastic, like these ones in a post from The Imagination Tree. Sometimes they’re brightly coloured. Usually they’re intended for cooking, and easy storage when you’re not cooking. But when they’re small, brightly coloured and crocheted, they make a fabulous baby toy!

These are ridiculously easy to make, and quite quick too. I only made five, using up yarn that I already had, but I could easily have made more.

Crocheted Rainbow Nesting Bowls

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Crocheted Nesting Bowls

Use any yarn you wish. This was primarily cheap wool from the discount shops. I used a 3.5mm hook, but you can experiment with both yarns and hooks.

Step 1 – Crochet a flat circle to the size you want, using double crochet (UK/Aust terms) or single crochet (US terms)

Step 2 – Crochet one in each around the circle, in the back loop only

Step 3 – Continue to crochet in both loops, one in each, until the basket is the height you require.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Crocheted Nesting Bowls


  • I crochet flat circles by starting with a magic circle, then crocheting six stitches into it, then a slip stich. In the second row I crochet two stitches into each stitch, leaving me with twelve stitches. Third row, I crochet two stitches into one, then one into one, leaving me with 18. Fourth row, I crochet two stitches into one, then one stitch into the next two, leaving me with 24 – it’s all maths!
  • Start with the smallest bowl first. If you’re using the same sort of yarn, you should just need to increase the circle by one row, and the height by one row. If (like me) you’re using different yarns, just make a circle to a slightly bigger size (hold them against each other to work it out)
  • There’s another pattern at Seriously Daisies which crochets in a spiral. These bowls look fabulous, but I’m hopeless at crocheting in a spiral since I’m constantly interrupted by Squirm!


Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Crocheted Nesting Bowls

What can babies do with them? Well the bright colours are great to look at. Squirm spends good time working out how to take them apart, before manipulating them in his hands (he loves the feel of crochet). With older babies you can practice stacking them or putting them back into their ‘nest’ as well as looking at different colours and sizes.



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