Subversive Reader Reviews: Violent Exposure (AWW2013)

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AWW2013 – Book 25

Violent Exposure

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Violent Exposure

Katherine Howell
Adult Crime/Detective Novel

Owned Book


This is the fourth book in Katherine Howell’s Ella Marconi series, and the one directly after Cold Justice which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. This time, Ella is back in the ‘regular’ squad and shares her story with a three person paramedic team – part time paramedics Carly and Mick and their trainee (and part time model) Aidan. The mystery gets going when Mick and Aidan discover a woman stabbed, her (rather mysterious) husband missing and the inescapable fact that not only did Aidan and Carly attend a domestic call out at the house the night before, but Aidan slept with the murdered woman earlier in the day.

I found this particular book was a bit harder to get into than Cold Justice. Cold Justice jumped straight into the action, and you needed to fill in the gaps yourself, which actually made it pretty satisfying when you worked out what was going on. Violent Exposure gave a lot of exposition near the beginning, almost to the point of over-explaining things before the story really got going. The mystery was compelling, though, pulling in lots of different threads (and more than a few coincidences) to eventually be solved.

I didn’t quite get into the paramedic’s story as much as I did with Cold Justice, maybe because the story was divided between Mick and Carly and to a lesser extent, Aidan. Carly didn’t feel as fleshed out as some of the other characters, while Mick made decisions which annoyed me, so it was harder to care about him. Their story (particularly Mick’s) was also wrapped up in a story from one of the earlier books which I haven’t read yet, which might have contributed to the feeling that I really didn’t get into their story.

I’ve got Silent Fear – the fifth book – to read sometime soon, then I really need to track down book 1 and 2 – it seems silly not to have read those and to have read the later ones!


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  1. I’m reading that right now! I’ve been reading the series in order, and I’m really enjoying them, even as my vague niggles with some of Howell’s choices grow stronger.

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