The Great Library Tour: Bracken Ridge Library

Adventures of a Subversive Reader:Bracken Ridge Library

The Great Library Tour

This was actually my second visit to Bracken Ridge library. I’d been previously for a baby-wearing meet, but I’d forgotten to take any photos that time. Although I remembered to take some photos this time, they were definitely less than great! Maybe I’ll need to make a third trip to finally get the perfect photo.

Bracken Ridge Library is located pretty deep in northern Brisbane suburbia, and in fact might be the most northerly library in the Brisbane City system (I’m going to have to check that, now). It’s another park library, though this park is more playground and less like the green settings you can find at Carina or the Grange. It’s also part of a larger community centre, including the local Councillor’s office.

The children’s area is situated close to the entrance of the library, opposite the check out desks and next to the meeting room. It’s quite a small area, with shelving around the outside of the area and low shelves making a small seating area in the middle. The only real seating is set up in front of a television, so isn’t really ideal for reading to children, nor are the low shelves appropriate for more than one person to sit on, so I ended up sitting with Squirm on the floor. It’s very open, so there were times when it felt less like a children’s area and more like a thoroughfare between the meeting room and the rest of the library.

There were some absolutely lovely books in the library, all well organised and easy to find. I liked that the children’s non fiction was also incorporated into the children’s section, something which can be a bit hit and miss with Brisbane City libraries. There were some lovely paintings above the bookshelves, which definitely helped to brighten up the area. I also liked the book displays ‘selling’ different books. However, this wouldn’t be a library where I could see lots of children spending time in – it felt a lot more like a ‘check out books’ library than a ‘relax and spend time here’ library


The best parts of Bracken Ridge Library

  • The paintings above the bookshelves
  • The lovely range of books and the excellent condition they’re in
  • There’s a lovely seating area outside as part of the community centre and a great looking playground for older children


Important Information about Bracken Ridge Library

Corner Bracken and Barrett Streets, Bracken Ridge


Open Tuesday to Friday

Parking available

Adventures of a Subversive Reader:Bracken Ridge Library Adventures of a Subversive Reader:Bracken Ridge Library



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