AWW Challenge 2013: Week Six

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A slower week, with only two books finished, although I’ve started a couple of others. (I’ve never been good at finishing one book before starting another) I started with a fabulous crime novel which mixed detectives and paramedics with Cold Justice by Katherine Howell, then finished up with a story of finding your place in the adult world while coming to terms with the past, by reading Holier than Thou by Laura Buzo. Both were fabulous books, so although I didn’t read a lot this week, I think I read well!

I also read and reviewed some more books for Squirm. I think I will enter them in as a separate ‘person’ in the challenge. They’re very different to the books I’ve reading as an adult, and I review them in a very different way. While ‘regular’ reviews of Australian Women Writers are important, book reviews which offer activities and lesson ideas are also essential – getting books by Australian Women Writers into classrooms and to be used with early childhood is important to help us increase the diversity of reading in our children’s lives.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Holier Than Thou

Subversive Reader Books Read and Reviewed

Squirm’s Books Read


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