Six Months Old: A Letter to Squirm

6 months

Dear Squirm,

You’re half a year old today. I feel like this deserves special celebrations and possibly cake, but we’re being restrained and just having a nice dinner – as much to celebrate your Daddy and myself as we are celebrating you.

You’ve started noticing other babies this month! It started at a rhyme time when you reached out to others and continued at our ABA meeting today. I think it’s probably time to make sure we have a weekly activity to give you more opportunities to interact with others. Rhyme time should be up and at it at the local library, so it looks like we’ll be heading there next week!

Over the last month, the biggest development has been starting solids. You’re a bit of a baby-led weaning champion. You usually pick up and try all the food on your tray, and you eat a decent amount of food for a new eater. You really enjoy tomato, cucumber, avocado yoghurt and broccoli – and you’ve had a lot of fun making messes with those foods and plenty of others. It’s been so much fun experimenting with food with you, and I’m eating so much better too!

The other development has been in how you move. Last month you could roll and move backwards. Now you can roll, move backwards, forwards, in different directions, from sitting to your front. You’re not quite crawling, more like a mix of crawling and commando creeping. You move really quick across the floor – especially if there’s something you desperately want on the other side of the room.

Your sleep patterns have improved, especially when it comes to napping. Most days we can be sure you’ll get two naps, some days we’re even lucky enough for three. You don’t need to sleep on me anymore either, which makes it easier to get things done, but I do miss those sleepy hugs at times.

There’s been times during this month when you really need me nearby, or at least you need to know exactly where I am. I suppose it’s a bit of separation anxiety, though you’re usually fine with other people as long as I’m nearby. You’re quite happy playing on your own nearby, though – you’re particularly fond of anything which makes noise, as well as your treasure basket and the discovery bottles I made up for you. You keep trying to get into any bags we have around in reach, so I’m making you a special bag to hide your treasures in.

It’s been a really good month, and we’ve really enjoyed watching you meet all these new challenges and your joy when you conquer them. Here’s to another great month ahead of us!



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