Introducing Book Talks (and my very first Vlog!)

I’m totally blaming this on Janet at Redland City Living and Rachel at Redcliffe Style (the Red-y pair!) but this morning I recorded my first Video Blog. The idea was planted when Rachel linked to her post about Vlogging, and then pushed along by Janet’s post, and the idea for not just one Vlog, but a whole Vlogging Series was born. And what was I going to Vlog about? Well, books of course.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Book Talks

Book talks used to be one of my most potent weapons when it came to reading in the classroom. Instead of telling students they should read a certain book, I’d sell the book to them, tell them why it was so good, read a bit to them.

So now it’s time to introduce my Book Talk series, and hope that people are as enthused by the books I choose as I am!




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