AWW Challenge 2013: Week Five

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After a slower week last week, I absolutely raced through this week, reading 7 books – all of them childrens or young adult books. I slipped through a couple of different genres, from contemporary to fantasy and through a bit of historical fiction, and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I’m now in the middle of a crime novel and getting terribly excited about an upcoming crime release – which is a bit of a shock to me on its own!

My favourite discovery this week would be the Our Australian Girls books which I’d dismissed before this year (probably because there was a horse charm on the cover of the first book. I am not a horse book person!) I have thoughts about these books and why they are so important, but they just got bigger and bigger until I realised that they deserved a post all of their very own.

The Squirm reading challenge chugged along too, but I’m still thinking about how to properly include it in the AWW challenge. I don’t want to include those books with my own, as I review them quite differently, but I’m not sure if I should add in Squirm as a different participant . . . any ideas of how to make sure picture books are represented?

AWW: Week 5

Subversive Reader Books Read and Reviewed

Squirm’s Books Read (Week Two and Three)



    1. Well, there were some very short kids books (the Our Australian Girl books) which I literally read in half an hour while feeding Squirm. Feeding is a great time for reading, since he gets less distracted by that 🙂 And I’ve always been a pretty fast reader

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