Life with a More Mobile Baby . . .

Just before Christmas, Squirm decided to roll from his back to his front. Twice. When we weren’t looking. We thought it was wonderful and amazing and asked him very nicely if he could just wait until he were watching next time . . .

Now, of course, he’s unstoppable. Rolling is like second nature to him. And once he was on his front he started pushing himself around . . . backwards. Then changing direction. Then creeping forward. From the way he gets up on his hands and knees, we’re getting closer and closer to crawling.

Of course, things change a little when your adorable, but stationary, baby starts moving. Suddenly you’ve got to think about what else is on the floor (note to Mr Pilot. Don’t leave the newspaper on the floor). Toys start migrating from one part of the room to the other. Babies disappear under furniture (well, that might only be my baby).

In truth, though, it makes for a pretty remarkable time. Squirm gets a bit frustrated when he can’t get where he wants to go immediately, but he usually keeps trying until he figures it out. (I wonder if he’ll be like that when he’s older). He loves being able to explore his surroundings. He loves finding new things – like the fact that kicking his feet on the lino sounds different than kicking his feet on the carpet. And he really does love rolling and creeping under things.

Adventure of a Subversive Reader: Hiding

Squirm finds it roomy under the couch . . .

I’m really making sure to enjoy this stage, for I’m sure it will be fleeting. Before we know it, we’ll be looking at crawling and standing and walking, and Squirm’s world will open up even more. Looking at all the lovely school photos and posts this week, I’m all too aware that these early years, filled with such love and hugs and crawling around on the floor will come to an end, and I’ll be the one sending my little boy off to school, while another mother is watching her little boy learn how to move on their own.

Adventure of a Subversive Reader: Squirm Moves


  1. How exciting and sad, all at the same time! I remember the first time Mia rolled over (that I actually got to see!), it was so exciting. And then I felt sad for the next hour because she was growing too fast! And I remember walking in to the loungeroom one day, after doing something in the kitchen and almost having a major meltdown because Mia had disappeared. Turns out she had rolled under the coffee table and was having lovely time playing with some toy she’d swatted under there earlier.

  2. I gotta say as soon as No.3 became mobile, at 6 months, walking at 10, I knew my life was about to change!! It’s a shit fight from now on but embrace each stage as it’s a sign your baby is growing 🙂

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