The Great Library Tour: Mitchelton Library

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Mitchelton Library

The Great Library Tour

On a damp day, a quick trip to Mitchelton Library seemed like a great idea. And again, we managed to coordinate our visit with rhyme time, which fit perfectly with my goal to attend more rhyme times this year.

Mitchelton Library is another park based library. It’s quite a big and airy building, with high ceilings, and almost had the feel of a school library – though it might just be that the library was my default place to be on wet days! The children’s area was big and well organised with a huge selection of picture books, and a separated young adult section. However, there was a feeling that something was missing, with a lot of empty notice board and wall space – maybe the council should find a local artist to provide some awesome artwork for the wall!

The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly – I noticed a number of them going out of their way to help search for particular books, even when they were going off very little! There was a lovely welcoming feel in the library, and I noticed a number of people pausing to sit and read. This wasn’t as present in the children’s section, unfortunately, with two only two adult sized chairs to sit on.

The rhyme time had probably the friendliest mums and babies that I’ve come across! There were lots of smiles and laughter throughout the session, although it wasn’t as organised as the last two rhyme times I’ve been to. The feeling was fabulous, and it would be a rhyme time I’d return to just for the smiles and good feeling alone!

The best parts of Mitchelton Library

  • The friendly, helpful staff
  • A huge range of picture books
  • The happy feeling in the rhyme time

Important Information about Mitchelton Library

37 Heliopolis Parade, Mitchelton


Open Tuesday to Saturday

Parking is available at the side of the library and on the street.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Mitchelton Library Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Mitchelton Library


  1. Another great library review! It kind of reminds me of a school library, too. Maybe it’s the type of bricks? I love visiting the library on wet days, and would love to go there today, but unfortunately our local is closed on public holidays!

  2. I spent many a rainy day in the library at school, our library at high school was brick too! This one looks nice and airy inside and bright, great that the mums and babes were so friendly, makes one feel very relaxed and welcome.

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