AWW Challenge 2013: Week Four

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This week was a slower one – I finished two books and started another three for my challenge, but not too much excitement in my AWW world. It was also slower with the Squirm challenge, but that had more to do with Squirm being squirmy and a quick duck back to familiar books which he’d sit still for. Hopefully it’ll pick up in the next week.

Talking of the books I did finish, they were both books that I felt like I should finish, rather than books I wanted to finish. One of them made me happy that I did finish it, because the ending was much better than the beginning. The other one just annoyed me even more for finishing it – in fact I’m still annoyed with it, even though I’m well and truly onto other books.

With Squirm’s challenge, I realised I’m getting a bit of a thrill when I find familiar authors and illustrators in the library – if nothing else, this AWW challenge will open up the number of picture book writers and illustrators I know!

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: The Happiness Show

Subversive Reader Books Read and Reviewed

Squirm’s Books Read (Week Two and Three)

  • 12. Come Down, Cat! by Sonya Hartnett
  • 13. Shoes from Grandpa by Mem Fox
Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Georgiana

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