The Great Library Tour: Carina Library

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Carina Library

I’ve been looking for smaller libraries while the school holidays persist (the bigger ones can be a bit tricky with parking), so Carina – just down the road from Carindale, seemed like a perfect choice. Like a number of other Brisbane City Libraries, Carina is situated right next to a park, which gives the library a lovely, airy feel. It’s not a particularly big library, but manages its space very well, and doesn’t feel cluttered.

The children’s section is situated at the front of the library, with a clever use of shelving to create a separate area. The children’s section has a fairytale theme with a little castle to sit and read in (it’s gorgeous!), a lovely big mural on the wall and even frogs on the rug! There’s a lovely couch to sit in, small baskets of board books and other small books, and beautiful, clearly labeled low book shelves for the picture books. I also love the display shelf with a range of newer books on display – we read a really good one from there!

The rest of the library is also well organised, with plenty of community and library information around. One thing that was particularly good was how easy it was to get in and see library notices on the wall.

We were lucky to organise our trip to Carina to coincide with the Rhyme Time. It was an awesome experience, with an excellent community feel. The rhyme time followed a logical progression, through welcome songs, tickling rhymes, action rhymes, lap jogs, movement song and then back down to quiet songs to end the time. It was beautifully put together, and kept the energy going right through to the end. I especially liked the way the babies were welcomed by name, the way parents were encouraged to make eye contact with their babies and the way the rhymes and actions were demonstrated with a teddy bear. The regular visitors obviously knew the rhymes, and made those who didn’t know them all feel very welcome. (I also loved the actions for Hickory Dickory Dock – we’ve been singing it here ever since!)

It’s a lovely library, with really friendly staff and a nice park out the back – I thoroughly recommend dropping by and experiencing a small community library feel.

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Carina Library Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Carina Library

The best parts of Carina Library

  • The themed kids area – I love a good themed area!
  • The amazing baby rhyme time
  • How easy it is to read information on the walls
  • The lovely display shelf of kids books

Important Information about Carina Library

The corner of Mayfield Road and Nyrang Street, Carina


Open Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

Parking is available at the side of the library.



  1. oh wow, that looks like a fantastic little library! Izzy would love the castle, and the mural with books in front is excellent. I wish the council would do something like this in our childrens area.

  2. That looks like a great library there at Carina! You are getting closer to my area 🙂 I order books for collection from Wynnum Library – the closest library to me. I believe the Wynnum Library is soon going to be relocated. Not sure of where or any details but I am excited because the current library, though it has great books and great service, is a little dull and uninspiring (in my opinion). Maybe there is a story there for you….a little digging on the future plans of Wynnum Library?

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