AWW Challenge 2013: Week Three

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Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Kip

This week showed a little slowing down on the challenge, as I needed to spend time on the Coursera course I started this week. I also got stuck on a book, which I enjoyed near the finish, but which held me up for quite a while.

I’ve officially finished the challenge, now, having read more than ten books and reviewed more than six. However, my unofficial challenge is to keep reading and reviewing throughout the year – so you won’t get rid of me that quickly!

I’m really enjoying the vast range of books this has opened up to me. In less than three weeks I’ve read about Ancient Roman monsters, exiles from a fantasy land, about early Western Australian botanists, children exploring tunnels under Sydney and stunning short stories from Tasmania and the world beyond. I’ve been swept away on writing that sings and rolled my eyes at ideas that don’t.

I’m continuing to find Squirm’s challenge more of a challenge. Picture books don’t necessarily get the same coverage as other books in Australia, and when they do, they tend to be by well known authors, such as Mem Fox and Jackie French. I’ve had some luck with author descriptions, but this is another part often missing from picture books. When I’m looking through stacks of books in the library, I don’t have a computer with me to check if the author is Australian, and even if I did, that can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. Then there’s the old – what makes Australian, Australian discussion.

When I have successfully found Australian Women Writers for Squirm’s challenge, I have thoroughly enjoyed them. There tends to be a bit of a twist in the work of Australian picture books, a complexity which you can discover if you’re willing to look that little bit closer. Kip, by Christina Booth, had that in it (and introduced me to a writers/illustrator I really want to read more of).

Subversive Reader Books Read and Reviewed

Squirm’s Books Read (Week Two and Three)



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