The Great Library Tour: Grange Library

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Grange Library

It was a stinking hot day, so I didn’t really want to travel too far to get to this week’s library. I also wanted to make a bit more of a dint in Brisbane City Council’s 33 libraries. With those restrictions, Grange library looked like a perfect solution! When I checked their website and saw they had Baby, Books and Rhymes (or Rhyme Time) on, it became a must visit!

Grange Library is quite an airy library, with a high ceiling, wooden rafters and lots of light. There was a real buzz in the air when we entered, even though the library had just opened. With the rhyme time soon to start, there were a lot of families with babies and young toddlers there – so many that all the seating in the children’s area was taken up! Luckily there’s a fair amount of seating right nearby.

The children’s area is dominated by a large mural on the wall of a lovely water scene, inspired, I assume, by the nearby Kedron Brook. There’s a collection of low, coordinating book storage in the middle of the area, with seating scattered around the edges. Junior fiction novels take up the end of the wall. One thing that was particularly nice was the young adult section which had been created separately. Along with the mural in the children’s section, there’s also bright colourful posters on the wall, including one with a small girl stacking books – an act being recreated by a small boy in the library!

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Grange Library

I really enjoyed the rhyme session which was held in the adjacent meeting room. The atmosphere was immediately set in the room, with rhymes being played on a CD player as we came in. The rhymes were displayed on cards for us to read, and were generally familiar, though often with a couple of different verses which I didn’t know (some of which I’ll just have to track down – they were brilliant!). There were two short books read as part of the session and it felt very organised, with lots of enthusiasm in the room.

Like Bribie Island, this felt very much like a community library, with an extremely friendly staff who seemed to know their clientele very well. It was lovely to see so many people of different ages in the library, as well as hearing about some of the things which will be on offer there over the coming months. I hope the local community realises what an awesome resource they have in their midst!

The library also offers a small coffee kiosk on the back deck (which I didn’t try though, because of the heat) and a very nice playground behind the library. It would make a great morning excursion to go to the library and then out to the playground for a play!

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Grange Library Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Grange Library

The best parts of Grange Library

  • The lovely mural
  • A great collection of books
  • A real community feel
  • The great, well organised rhyme time – and those extra rhyme verses!

Important Information about Grange Library

79 Evelyn Street, Grange


Open Tuesday to Saturday

Parking is available at the side of the library.



  1. What a lovely mural. Sounds like a great outing, the library and playground. We love rhyme time, it is nice that the library ladies know the girls and they are always excited to go there.

  2. What a fantastic looking library. I love visiting my local library, though I wish they had a cafe attached. They have one of those automatic coffee machines, but it just never seems to taste the same as real cafe coffee!

  3. Looks like such a welcoming, lovely place to relax and for the kids to explore. I have to admit, the library is something we don’t really do. But will put it on my list of places to explore!

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