AWW Challenge 2013: Week Two

Follow my journey through the AWW 2013 challenge here

Surprisingly, I’m still moving quickly through this challenge, with only two books left to read before I officially meet the challenge level I set myself. However, I will be reading more! I have at least 8 books out from the library at the moment, and more on my wish list, so I promise this won’t be a two week wonder.

However, I’m starting a Coursera course on Monday, so things might slow down a little. Hopefully that means more time to linger over books like Cracklescape, which I absolutely adored.

I was talking about the challenge with someone yesterday and was asked a strange question ‘Are the books depressing?’ I had no idea what she was talking about until she clarified – ‘I find Australian movies depressing, so I wondered if the books were as well.’

I’ve read enough hilarious Australian books to know that this isn’t the case, but what about some speculative fiction or literary fiction. Are they more ‘depressing’ as a genre, regardless of where they come from (though, ‘grim’ might be a better descriptor) or are Australian books more depressing?

I haven’t organised Squirm’s books so well this week – I’ve discovered that it’s a lot harder to determine if children’s picture books are written by Australian women, especially once you get away from the big names.

AWW2013 - Week Two

Subversive Reader Books Read and Reviewed


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