Have You Heard About Bliss Balls?

So, a few months ago I was introduced to a food concept I’d never heard of before – Bliss Balls. Despite some extensive research (also known as Google), I haven’t been able to work out where they come from or who came up with them, except that they’re popular with the raw food movement. What I do know is that they’re fabulous!

Bliss balls are basically a mixture of dried fruit and nuts which are blended together, smooshed into a ball shape and then rolled in coconut or nuts or something similar before putting them in the fridge to set. The key ingredient tends to be dates or figs (which have extra stickiness) and some people use a nut paste in their bliss balls (which means you have to get the consistency right) and you can experiment with them a lot, but they’re easy to make and yummy to eat, which ticks all the right boxes for me. They’re also essentially healthy – though I like to add a little chocolate to them to make them extra yummy (the little bit of chocolate does last longer, though)

So, here for you all, I’m going to share my basic bliss ball ‘recipe’ and some of the things I do to mix them up.


Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Bliss Balls

Some Bliss Balls I made in December


Basic Bliss Ball

  • Pitted dried dates
  • Crumbed walnuts
  • Other dried fruit
  • Other nuts (sometimes)
  • Bit of chocolate (I like 70% dark chocolate)
  1. Soak the dates for a few minutes in a small amount of water. Chop them up (which is helpful in making sure that all the dates are pitted)
  2. Stick the dates in the food processor and process. Add in walnuts and other fruits (chopped up if needed) and process them through. The mixture should stick together.
  3. Chop up a small amount of chocolate (2 rows from a block or a chocolate bar is enough) and blend it through for extra yumminess.
  4. Roll the mixture into small balls and roll through coconut or chopped nuts (or milo is good!)
  5. Stick in fridge until set


The dried fruit you use can be anything you like! I love cranberries and dried pear at the moment, but using mixed dried fruit is pretty awesome because you get the fruit peel taste through it. I haven’t tried apple yet, but I think that would be lovely.

I’ve used almonds and macadamia nuts too.

Aside from 70% dark chocolate, I’ve used rum and raisin chocolate (so good) and a Cherry Ripe bar. Pretty much any firm chocolate should be good for this.

You can also add a little flavouring – I used a bit of peppermint essence which was awesome 🙂



Have you made Bliss Balls before? What chocolate would you use?


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