The Great Library Tour: Bribie Island Library

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Bribie Island Library

Mr Pilot had another week off from work, so we decided to drag him along to the first library of the 2013 library tour. To properly recreate the holiday feel, we decided to visit an island – Bribie Island – and its library.

Bribie Island Library felt like a library which caters very well to its regular visitors, which tended to run towards the elderly side of things. There were lots of crime and mystery books available in the adult fiction section, free tea and coffee, and a popular home bound borrowing service (from what I could tell). This made a lot of sense, considering that there are several elderly residential facilities in the area.

The children’s area was a longer, thinner area than in some of the libraries we’ve been to, with a lovely red and blue colour scheme. (It’s nice to see just red and blue predominantly, rather than the full splash of primary colours!) It felt a little cluttered down the middle of the area – with toys, colouring and craft tables, and picture books and easy readers, and I wasn’t sure how they would arrange the space for story time and rhyme time, but I assume they probably move things over to one side.

There wasn’t a lot of seating available – one low couch and some floor cushions – but the floor cushions were very nice to cuddle up and read on. I noticed a similar thing in the young adult section, not a lot of furniture, but the furniture that was there was very comfortable. That comfortable feeling extended to the whole library, actually, and it felt like a place where the community was welcome. I particularly felt this from the very friendly staff. There were some lovely posters and art work on the walls in the childrens section and the library as a whole.

There was a good range of children’s and young adults books available, though (as I mentioned), the adult books tended to focus more strongly on favoured topics. I do find it interesting how libraries manage the purchasing for different visitors – making sure you get just the right balance must be quite difficult.

Overall, Bribie Island was a very good community library. It may be as new or as flashy as some of the other libraries we’ve been to, but it definitely works with the local community to provide them with what they need – and that’s probably the most important thing a library can do!

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Bribie Island Library Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Bribie Island Library

The best parts of Bribie Island Library

  • The bright and colourful children’s area
  • Big floor cushions
  • Some excellent, predominantly displayed books – I found a great read for the AWW challenge among them!

Important Information about Bribie Island Library

Cnr First Avenue & Welsby Pde,


Open Monday to Saturday

Parking is available around the back of the library. Parking might be easier during school time

Adventures of a Subversive Reader: Bribie Island Library

In the Area . . .

The library is right in the middle of the Bongaree recreational precinct. Across the road there’s a jetty (which was filled with fishers) and a lovely pathway along the water. Bongaree is on the bay side of the island, so the water is flat and calm and probably pretty good for a little dip with the kids. There’s also kayak and bike hire available, and lots of places to eat at. If you’re after a surf beach, head straight down First Avenue to Woorim, which has an old fashioned beach town feel, lots of fenced playgrounds and a popular surf beach.




  1. I used to work there! It was a really pleasant place to work, and yes, a lot of work was put in to accommodating the various demographics.

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