Five Months Old: A Letter to Squirm

Adventures of a Subversive Reader:5 months

Dear Squirm,

Five months old! Somehow it feels much more and much less than that all at the same time.

Just the other day (New Years Day, to be precise) a new little friend was born, and you stopped being the smallest baby in our circle. I went to visit the new baby and I was struck by how much you’d changed in just 5 short months. It made me hold you, hug you, kiss you, and whisper in your ear that I love you so very, very much.

You’ve made such big, big advances in the last month. You started sitting in a high chair to watch us when we ate, often chewing on your own plate and spoon while we eat. Your two little front teeth poked through, and we discovered how deceptively sharp they are. You’re getting more confidence and strength when you’re sitting up. And just in the last week you started rolling over easily and pushing yourself around the floor. The only problem is that you can only move backwards, so you get yourself caught in some places!

With this extra movement, we realise we really need to make sure we leave nothing in your reach! You’ve began putting everything in your mouth – from wrapping paper to the dining room table! Using your mouth was certainly a novel way to unwrap your Christmas presents, but you made it work for you.

You had a very busy, full Christmas this year because everyone wanted to see you. You got lovely presents from everyone, including some gorgeous books, lovely wooden toys, a little train set and a set of teething keys which have become your new best friends. You love all your toys that have teething elements now – they’re perfect for those sore gums. You also got to see all your great grandparents, which is always special.

Your four month sleep regression lasted most of the month. There were days when you’d only sleep for an hour and a half before you woke and then you’d feed through the night. It was very tiring, but it was lovely to have you curled up against me. This week you suddenly started sleeping longer again, much to our shock and excitement.

You’re still a charmer. I took you to both of my old workplaces on the last day of school and you got lots of holds. At lunch time, I didn’t have you for hours – you went to sleep in other people’s arms. You also had your first party in your honour, after your beautiful baptism. It was a very special moment, surrounded by lots of family and friends. You cried when the third lot of water was poured on you, but you also laughed when the Priest was giving you the blessing, so we don’t think you were too upset!

You ‘talk’ a lot these days too. Every now and then you figure out a new sound, and we hear it constantly all day! Then you start combining it with other sounds so we can have conversations. (Yesterday it was ‘da’) You also started blowing bubbles, which you obviously though was hilarious! Another quirk is that you scratch everything! You scratch me, furniture, clothing – even your bottom whenever we take your nappy off!

I get a little sad at times, when I see all these changes – it’s hard to see you changing so much. But I’m so glad that you’re a healthy, happy boy. About the only time you really get upset now is when you get frustrated that you can’t do something quick enough. That’s something we’ve noticed since you were first born – sometimes your desire to do things gets beyond your skills, and that really annoys you!

I love watching you move, love watching you explore, love watching you grab for everything around you.



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  1. It’s such a lovely time when they start becoming more aware of their surroundings. He is lucky that he will have this loving record of his baby years.

  2. That is such a special thing to do, record with such detail little squirm’s development and growth. It will be such a blessing in the years to come, to have this to turn to and read 🙂 keep it up!

  3. Beautiful! Isn’t it amazing when a new born comes along and you realise how far you’ve come with your little one? And just how much they’ve grown and changed? It’s all so bittersweet x

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