And I’m back!

Adventures of a Subversive Reader

Three days away and it feels like I’ve been away for ages! In reality, I’ve been enjoying Christmas, followed by an enjoyable Boxing Day and then a first birthday party for a friend’s son yesterday. No wonder I feel exhausted.

Although I didn’t get the sleep I desperately wanted for Christmas (or the personal stylist), I did get some T2 products (my sister is a genius who bought my favourite tea blend without knowing), an Amazon voucher and the IT Crowd on DVD which were all lovely. Of course, Christmas was always going to be about Squirm this year, and he embraced ripping paper beautifully. The best thing was, he got lots of books – which he didn’t already own!

Other than Christmas and Birthday frivolities, I’ve been busy reading (just couldn’t resist the Australian Women Writer’s books I got from the library. Looks like I’ll have to get some new ones to read soon!) and crocheting and rekindling a vague interest in Angry Birds. And thinking about the blog and what wondrous posts I can bring you into the new year.

How did you celebrate Christmas. Get anything good to read?



  1. I spent it with my fiancee’s family–aka my new family! I didn’t get any new books from anyone else, but I did buy myself a few. I love the book I’m reading at the moment, a fact no less true for the fact I don’t remember its title . . . *cough*

  2. We had a quiet one – no literary goodness under the tree for me, but I do have a pile begging to be read, though I’m trying my hardest to hold out until 1/1 when I kick off my 13/13 reading challenge.

  3. Christmas was with my family this year – it was lovely! (You can read about my Boxing Day Drama on my blog if you are so inclined) I have been reading Water for Elephants and am loving it! Merry Christmas!

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